D1. State-of-the-art on legal issues

This report presents a state-of-the-art on legal issues concerning autonomous artificial agents.

D2. Une histoire de la philosophie morale (in French)

This report presents a synthesis about moral philosophy in order to clarify our reflexions.

D3. A roadmap towards ethical autonomous agents (some parts in French)

This report aims at identifying and defining the kind of autonomous agents and the kind of systems we consider and to precise our position concerning the notion of ethical autonomous artificial agent.

D4. Models for ethical autonomous agents

This report aims at defining the ethical concepts needed to be implements as well as proposals in order to implement several kind of ethical autonomous agents.

D5. Building ethical collectives

This report aims at extending our previous work to the multi-agent case by building ethical collectives in an ethical way.

D6. Éthique et agents autonomes (in French)

This white paper presents a synthesis of the ETHICAA projet's results for the general public, researchers and developers.